Network Security Testing

Applications must be secured but servers come first

According to a research by Shodan, multiple MongoDB databases suffers from security misconfiguration and are entirely exposed unauthenticated to the internet. All of the exposed databases combined account for 684.8 TB of data. What's the point of securing web applications when your database is wide open? Network security testing find vulnerabilities like this.

Servers are the foundation that will incorporate applications for them to run and move the business. If this base isn't secure, the application security doesn't matter. Cyber criminals can always compromise a secure application if the underling server is vulnerable.

Why Are Servers A Target?

Securing Servers

To secure servers you have to simulate what cyber criminals would do and incorporate that in your software development life cycle to make sure that this step won't be left behind before exposing a new network device to the world or to your internal network. The internal network is no paradise either because malware from infected machines may try to attack servers and malicious insider as well. Here's what we recommend:

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