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When asked how much they expected their company’s cybersecurity spending to change in the next 12 months, 41 percent of the CFOs recently surveyed by Cisco said they expect it to increase “significantly.” Another 46 percent said they expect it to increase “somewhat." (Source: Cisco on 2016 January)

In today's digital environment every company is a technology company. Some companies have more digital assets than others but in the end of the day they are all targets for attackers.

Attackers interests vary from having fun to take down a web site to make money in complex cybercriminal operations. Other interests include steal intellectual property and cause brand negative impact. Nonetheless they have one thing in common: they look for the path of least resistance. And this path are web applications, according to Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report.

That's where our cloud-based application security platform comes in. Built to perform multiple security testings combining different approaches, it detects security vulnerabilities and helps developers to fix them with step-by-step recommendations.

However detecting and fixing security vulnerabilities after the application is built can be up to 30x more costly, according to NIST, than to detect and fix earlier in the beginning of the web application development. Because of that our platform is oriented to integrate seamlessly with your web application development process.

Integrating security with your web application development process saves you money and makes sure that you can escalate market share, but in a trustworthy manner. You can speed your innovation to market.

Our role here is to help you avoid losing money on data breaches that could impact brand reputation, customer data, employee data, your data, fraud, downtime and intelectual property and to make you more money by speeding innovating to market with security on it.

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