What do Security Vulnerabilities
cost your organization?






499750 per month

Paid annually  


249375 per month

Paid annually  


99150 per month

Paid annually  


4975 per month

Paid annually  

Applications 50 10 3
Concurrent Scans 10 2 1
Scans per Month Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Network Testing Check Check Check
Security Consultancy Check Check Times
Team Members Check Check Times
Invoice Billing Times Check Times Times Times Times

All prices above are in USD and based on an annualmonthly billing cycle, click here to show the annualmonthly based billing cycle.

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All Paid Gauntlet Plans Include


Check Access to All Scanners

Check Access to API

Check Access to Scanner Reports

Check Certificate Monitoring

Check Policies for Issue Management

Check Consolidated PDF Report

Check Support for Organizations

Check 14 Day Money Back Guarantee

Check Scan Speed Control

Check Scan Stop Control

Check Multi-language

Check Notifications

Check E-mail Support

Check Granular Access Control


Pricing Questions & Answers

Q: What payment options are supported?

We accept PayPal, Ether and Wire Transfers.

Q: What if I want to cancel my service?

Not a problem. If you decide that Gauntlet isn't for you then you can cancel from your plan details page in the Gauntlet application.

Q: Can I upgrade or downgrade later?

Yes, upgrade at any time. You can also downgrade if the number of applications you registered on Gauntlet is at a consistently lower level than your current plan. All changes are prorated.

Q: What is an application and a server?

For us an application is either a dynamic application that contains a URL (and source code) or is a static application that contains source code only. Server, or a network device, is an asset with an IP Address.

Q: What is the Security Consultancy?

It`s a support service to help you understand and remediate security vulnerabilities according to your environment. It also includes scheduled Skype calls.


Still have questions?

It's ok, just drop us an email at contact@gauntlet.io and we will be happy to help!