Team Collaboration

If you wanna go far, go together

Team collaboration is one of Gauntlet goals. Invite your team to join your organization, put them on groups based on their role and set permissions using our granular permission system.


Gauntlet is organization-oriented. It means that applications and network devices belong to organizations and could be managed by users that belong to one or more groups.


Groups are meant to represent Roles, thus enforcing a Role-Based Access Control (RBAC). Users can belong to one or many groups and every group has its own photo and permissions.

Invite Members

Invites are emails sent to users that must be accepted in order to let them join the organization. In case you issued an invite and changed your mind afterwards, it's possible to cancel the invite as well.

Granular Permissions

Our groups follow the same permission system used in APIs, which is very robust and based on Classes and Methods. Learn more about Gauntlet granular permissions.

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