Consolidated Results From Multiple Tools

Besides the centralized web interface, it's possible to visualize the scan results in a single unified PDF containing all results from the different tools that were executed against a target. Moreover you can identify the result of Gauntlet smart operations in the report itself.

A Report per Scan

In the end of every scan Gauntlet generates a scan report in PDF that could be downloaded later. This report aggregates all results and informs in the report itself when a vulnerability is duplicated (found in a previous scan) or resurged (previously found and fixed, but found again).

Aggregated Results

All different tools that were executed are presented in the same structure containing the description, remediation, references and affected target.

Charts Included

Gauntlet calculates for you the Issue Risk Tendency, an Issue Type Comparative (Last Scan vs Previous Scan) and an Issues per Category chart when the scanner provides such information.

Generate Custom Reports

Upload your own logo, specify which applications and scanners you want to present and generate a custom report. If you need a customized layout, just get in touch.

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