Issue Management

Centralized Issue, Vulnerability and Risk Management

Gauntlet centralizes all issues, vulnerabilities and risks in a single and easy to use interface. All different tools converge in a single place. From there you can take bulk actions, filter or create manual issues.

Centralized Interface

In this centralized interface all issues are aggrouped, thus multiple occurrences won't appear more than one time. To visualize occurrences you need to click in the desired issue.

Just to clarify: issues are any kind of finding a scanner can present. Issues may or may not be a vulnerability. And when a vulnerability is assigned a business severity you have a risk.

Detailed Issue Information

Clicking on each issue brings a detailed page containing the issue description, recommendations and references. It's also integrated with the Max Fix Time Policy, thus if a issue didn't meet the expected deadline to be fixed, a warning is presented. Learn more about policies.

Manual Issues

You don't need a scanner to have a vulnerability in your application or network device, right? Sometimes it's the lack of a specific security procedure prior being pushed to production, sometimes it's a vulnerability manually found. No matter the reason, we provide you a way to manually create your own issues. And those issues are treated like any other issue, including policies applied to them.

Powerful Filtering

Filter issues based on filters you choose. It's possible to apply filters on Scanner Type, Data Range, Technical Severity, Business Severity, Issue Category, Evaluation Status, Fixed Status, Source (Manual, DAST, SAST, Network) and Custom Tags.

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