Granular Permissions

Powerful authorization for increased security

Granular permission gives you the ability to define the authorization level an entire group or an API key would have. It's much more robust than 'read and write' permissions you usually see out there.


Before diving into classes and methods, it's possible to segregate Applications to each group or API key. If a user doesn't have access to the desired application, he/she won't even be able to see it, let alone interact with it.

Method-level Access

That's the core of the granular permission system. Classes and methods are programming concepts, but easily to understand seeing the next image. "Application" is a Class and "create" is a method. You can cherry-pick the allowed methods and create groups only capable of managing applications, others only able to stop scans and whatever you could imagine.

Permissions for APIs

This very same granular permission system is applied in API Keys. Learn more about APIs.

Permissions for Groups

This very same granular permission system is applied in Groups. Learn more about Groups.

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