Dashboard & Charts

Visual Feedback of your Application Security Program

Dashboard and charts are incredibly useful to visualize the results of your application security program. And remember that all charts below can be filtered to answer specific questions that you may have.

Vulnerability and Fixes Trends

Get to know how vulnerabilities and fixes intertwine. Identify whether fixes are catching up your vulnerabilities after each scan and how fast, and if vulnerabilities are growing or not.

Issues by Severities

Quickly visualize how vulnerable you're looking at business severities (when manually classified), or have an approximated idea looking at technical severities instead. It's also possible to map issues by category (Application or Network) to identify where your cyber defense program should put more effort on.

Issues Quantity by Scanner

Discovery how your asset issues are distributed among scanners. It's great to benchmark scanners or just get the big picture. This is also another chart that could be customized based on filters.

Powerful Filtering

Generate custom charts based on filters you choose. It's possible to apply filters on Scanner Type, Data Range, Technical Severity, Business Severity, Issue Category, Evaluation Status, Fixed Status, Source (Manual, DAST, SAST, Network) and Custom Tags.

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