Bring Your Own Scanner

And let Gauntlet empowers it

Bring Your Own Scanner to Gauntlet just by wrapping it in a Docker container and let it take advantage of all benefits of being incorporated in our application security platform. Gauntlet will empower your scanner.

Out-of-the-box Notifications

Whenever a scan starts, stops or finishes, Gauntlet will generate notifications automatically even if the scanner doesn't include this capability. Learn more about Gauntlet notifications.

Out-of-the-box Web Interface

We have it. Just focus on finding issues and vulnerabilities while Gauntlet focus on providing you everything else, including a web interface to present your issues. Learn more about Gauntlet issue management.

Out-of-the-box API

After bringing your scanner to Gauntlet it will automatically get an API out-of-the-box. An easy to use REST API to start scan, stop scans, extract results and more. Learn more about Gauntlet API.

Out-of-the-box PDF Report

After each scan Gauntlet generates a PDF report for your scanner so you don't have to. Learn more about Gauntlet reports.

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